Friday, 26 July 2013

Key Findings: Stage 2 Research | Tablets For Schools

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Key Findings: Stage 2 Research | Tablets For Schools:

The Tablets for Schools Stage 2 research report (January 2013 – April 2013) has been published. 

The report summarises findings from an evaluation study that is looking at the feasibility and educational impact of giving one-to-one Tablets to every child in school. Research for this stage was carried out between September 2012 and April 2013. - See more at:

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Coursera Blog • Signaling Learning for MOOCs

Coursera Blog • Signaling Learning for MOOCs:

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"Hi Courserians! One of our favorite guest bloggers Jonathan Haber tell us about non-traditional ways you can signal learning success with your current ‪#‎Coursera‬ courses to employers, schools, or to get a date!"

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Oliva Creative Factory

Oliva Creative Factory:


The Oliva Creative Factory is essentially a business project but it will have as very important components artistic training as well as cultural and leisure activities.
Installed inside the Oliva, one of the largest and most innovative factories in Portuguese industrial history, the Oliva Creative Factory will have as motto to transform creativity and talent in business.
It will provide both an incubator for firms in the creative industries (design, fashion, software, product design, webdesign, multimedia, etc.) and a business center for more mature enterprises.

Besides the companies, at Oliva Creative Factory there will be a large wing devoted to contemporary art, which will feature a permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, a dance school, restoration workshops and a rehearsal room for theatre shows to be presented in the large theater of the city, the House of Creativity.

Oliva Creative Factory from Jump Willy on Vimeo.

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Oliva Creative Factory, Portugal

Oliva Creative Factory from Jump Willy on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blackboard MOOC Gains 15 More Colleges - Education - Online Learning

Blackboard MOOC Gains 15 More Colleges - Education - Online Learning:

Find out what happened in Vegas. See highlights from BbWorld.

  • Blackboard Inc. says 15 colleges and universities have signed up to runMOOCs using its software this summer and fall.
  • The company is making  MOOC services free to partners, with one Blackboard official saying: "If they couldn't profit, then we shouldn't profit either."
  • An upcoming version of Blackboard Learn, its flagship system, will include social learning capabilities with course management.
Schools that are currently licensing Blackboard’s learning management system, Blackboard Learn, will have access to the MOOC platform at no additional cost. Now Blackboard partners can use CourseSites to run free unlimited MOOCs as well. CourseSites is hosted on Blackboard Learn 9.1. Non-partnering schools and instructors can use CourseSites to create and manage MOOCs. However, individual instructors cannot offer more than five MOOCs to students at once.
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This Is What Happens In Social Media In A Day - infograph

[Slideshare] The semantic condition: Connectivism and Open Learning

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The Flipped Classroom: Infographic

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The Flipped Classroom: Infographic:

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finland's Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series) - YouTube

Finland's Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series)"

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Singapore's 21st-Century Teaching Strategies (Education Everywhere Series) - YouTube

Singapore's 21st-Century Teaching Strategies (Education Everywhere Series)"

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How a Longer School Day Can Improve Academics

How a Longer School Day Can Improve Academics 
Since Edwards Middle School in Boston added three hours to their school day through the Expanded Learning Time Initiative, they have seen great improvements both academically and in the overall school culture and environment. See how they used the additional time to such good effect. Learn more about Edwards on Edutopia:

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EDUTOPIA: John Lennon Educational Tour Bus: Making the Dreams of Young Musical Artists a Reality - YouTube

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus: Making the Dreams of Young Musical Artists a Reality "

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Born to learn

Born to Learn is the first animation in a fascinating series aimed to provide easy-access to the exciting new discoveries constantly being made about how humans learn! Narrated by Damian Lewis

Steve Jobs School (

Explanation of the basic structure of the Steve Jobs school, which will operate under the philosophy of See Video was created by TVMaddog Productions. Drawings by

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Dutch 'Steve Jobs schools' to use Apple's iPad for entire education experience


Dutch 'Steve Jobs schools' to use Apple's iPad for entire education experience

This August, 11 so-called "Steve Jobs schools" will open in the Netherlands, serving 1,000 students primarily through educational apps on Apple's iPad, replacing everything from books to blackboards.


The unique concept will ditch strict schedules, formal classes, seating charts, and other longtime staples of the education experience, according to Spiegel. Instead, children ages 4 through 12 located in the town of Breda will use an iPad to access learning programs of their choosing, and complete them at their own pace.

Teachers will remain, but rather than sharing knowledge, their job will be that of a "learning coach." Because the entire curriculum is digital, students will be able to complete their classwork whenever and wherever they choose, in or outside of the classroom.A so-called 'Steve Jobs school' will use Apple's iPad to focus on three core skills: arithmetic, reading, and text comprehension.

"The iPad keeps teachers and parents constantly informed about what children are doing, what they have learned, and how they are progressing," Marco Evers reported. "If a math app is neither enjoyable nor successful, the teacher simply orders another one. The supply of educational programs never runs dry in Apple's online store."

Core skills for students will be arithmetic, reading and text comprehension. Each student's curriculum will be decided collectively by the student, their teachers, and their parents every six weeks.

Non-iPad portions of the experience will be typical playtime activities, including building, drawing, and getting physical exercise. The concept was created by public opinion researcher Maurice de Hond.

Apple's iPad has become the tablet of choice as educators look to go digital in the classroom, though most current programs are not as radical as the one that will kick off this August in the Netherlands.

In California, L.A. Unified School District announced last month that it inked a $30 million contract with Apple to provide iPads preloaded with educational software to every student it serves. The deal was a major win for Apple, as the Los Angeles district is the second-largest in the U.S.

Another program in Idaho called "iSchool Campus" has also earned rave reviews from educators and students alike. In addition to providing a more engaging way to teach students, Apple's tablet has also helped reduce costs at Paul Elementary in Minidoka County, Idaho, by eliminating 20,000 paper copies a month.

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