Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Oliva Creative Factory

Oliva Creative Factory:


The Oliva Creative Factory is essentially a business project but it will have as very important components artistic training as well as cultural and leisure activities.
Installed inside the Oliva, one of the largest and most innovative factories in Portuguese industrial history, the Oliva Creative Factory will have as motto to transform creativity and talent in business.
It will provide both an incubator for firms in the creative industries (design, fashion, software, product design, webdesign, multimedia, etc.) and a business center for more mature enterprises.

Besides the companies, at Oliva Creative Factory there will be a large wing devoted to contemporary art, which will feature a permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, a dance school, restoration workshops and a rehearsal room for theatre shows to be presented in the large theater of the city, the House of Creativity.

Oliva Creative Factory from Jump Willy on Vimeo.

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