Saturday, 9 November 2013

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know it all
Know It All offers students free access to multidisciplinary, introductory MOOCs offered by a select network of international universities. Upon successful completion of these courses, students have the option of earning credits and continuing a degree program within our community of partner universities.

GUIDE has created Know It All, launching an international MOOC portal in response to the explosive growth of the genre in the last two years. Now with over six-million enrolled students on the three major MOOC networks, and with US-based Georgia Institute of Technology having launched the first fully MOOC-based degree, the scene is changing fast. Krista Di Eleuterio fronted the launch during a session entitled “MOOCs: A Revolution in the Making,” hailing Know It All as having benefits for universities and students. It is a portal affording access to a wide range of MOOC opportunities from around the planet.
Do we need a portal for MOOCs? Krista emphatically says, “Yes,” but in launching the initiative GUIDE has no fixed outcome in mind. Krista told me, “The first stage is to get universities and their MOOCs to sign up to being accessible through Know It All. Once that happens we will be able to test whether the vision has substance.”
Know It All is a global network that will provide students free access to higher-education courses and at the same time give universities an international forum to exchange and promote their own online courses.

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