Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mobile4you – The first smartphone designed specifically for children

Mobile4you : a smartphone with parental control

Mobile4you is the first smartphone in the world designed specifically for children. It comes with parental control and special apps directed towards the 6-12 years age group. It was created by one of the most successful Portuguese startups, Science4you , specialized in science toys. Mobile4you will be first released in Portugal in August.

More safety: always know where your child is. 

The parental control application is the main feature of this unique smartphone for children, which will allow parents and educators to have the ability to monitor all use of the mobile device. This application of Science4you provides a high level of security, in that parents and educators can monitor remotely using the mobile device, and know the exact location of the child, in real time. The call blocking option allows greater monitoring of management of the daily lives of children and the access to new technologies. Parents can control and restrict calls made by children.

The Mobile4you is integrated with the Android operating system and has a 3,5" screen and a resolution of 800x480pixels, 0.3MP camera on the front and 2.0MP rear camera. With 512MB RAM and 4GB Flash memory, the smartphone also comes with Wi-Fi, Google AppStore connectivity features, and Science4you own applications, such as Educational Mini Games.

The security application Mobile4you is available in two distinct versions, free and premium, with the following characteristics:

The free version of the application security includes:

- Exact location of children via GPS (SMS);
-  Development of daily reports, with the record of all calls and messages and for children;
- Sending SMS commands to control - lock / unlock the phone, as well as issuing an audible alarm if the child loses the smartphone.

* The premium version of the application security includes (in addition to all the features of the free version):
- Application Management with the blocking of certain websites;
- Ability to call filtering;
- Alerts security if the child receives messages with inappropriate content;
- Definition of time periods for the use of smartphone applications.

* Access to the premium version of the application is made ​​on the monthly payment of € 2.99 or a single payment of € 25.99.

With the software available in multiple languages, Mobile4you smartphone offers children the opportunity to take and edit photos, record videos, play music of various formats, surf the internet or discover a range of educational and recreational applications of interest.

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