Thursday, 12 December 2013

Amy Baxter, Buzzy For Your Pain | Startup Gap

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Basic Information

1. Name: Amy Baxter
2. Industry: Healthcare
3. Title: CEO, Buzzy/M and J Labs
4. Job Description: Amy is the CEO, creator, and head evangelist for Buzzy. To get a better idea of what she does to help children with pain, check out her presentation that she gave at Tedx PeachTree. You can also find her Buzzy product Buzzy4Shots.Com
+Amy Baxter story for creating Buzzy is remarkable. After spending 8 years getting the idea from start to implementation, she turned the company into a company with annual revenue of $1 million.

Truly amazing considering that she did this while working as a full-time pediatric emergency doctor.
She created an amazing product to help children and adults who are terrified of needles take the shots they need to stay healthy.

Learn more about her story here

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