Thursday, 12 December 2013

You'll Never Guess Who's Disrupting Online Learning - Forbes

by Chris Proulx, President and CEO of eCornell

We have been hearing for the past 18 months that higher education is on the precipice of a massive and disruptive transformation because of the #MOOC. The assumption has been that the traditional undergraduate educational experience would be a quaint and outdated notion in less than a decade. Not so fast!

This has been quickly followed by the release of new research by the University of Pennsylvania, United States that #MOOCs are largely serving a well-educated audience and not those who are most in need of a new and affordable educational experience. #Coursera is said to also be moving toward corporate online education and points to a pilot arrangement with Yahoo. In a recent interview, founder Andrew Ng was quoted as saying “We think that many companies view#Coursera as a quality, convenient, inexpensive way to continue employee development.

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