Thursday, 5 December 2013

How data is driving the biggest revolution in education since the Middle Ages | VentureBeat | Education | by Rebecca Grant

How data is driving the biggest revolution in education since the Middle Ages
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Data could be our best shot at breaking America out of an “educational code red.”
“Education used to be a slice of life, something you did as a child through college, and then spent the rest of your life working, and then death,” said Udacity CEO Sebastian Thrun at VentureBeat’s DataBeat/Data Summit. “Everything is about to change. I believe education will become something that fits seamlessly into life, and we will take big clunky things like degrees and college and fit them into a weekend.”
Thrun discussed how data science, and specifically Udacity, is changing higher education to make it more relevant and affordable.
Udacity is an online education portal that provides project-based courses led by college professors and industry experts. Thrun said the courses are designed to impart skills that make people employable and bridge the gap between the skills employers need and what universities teach. Many of the courses are designed by companies such as Google, Facebook, Cloudera, and MongoDB.

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