Sunday, 1 December 2013

The future of MOOCs: A Chronicle e-book

The future of MOOCs: A Chronicle e-book author on what's ahead

As the technology editor for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffrey Young knows a thing or two about MOOCs. With the publication's extensive coverage of the topic and Young's expertise on technology in higher ed, it only makes sense that The Chronicle would put out an e-book on free open learning.
Published in October and available through Amazon, Beyond the MOOC Hype: A Guide to Higher Education's High-Tech Disruption combines Young's research, which involved taking courses from the "big three" MOOC providers, with an examination of the origin of MOOCs, the questions surrounding what they mean for higher education and the opposition to them.
Education Dive caught up with Young to discuss his experience researching the e-book and what he thinks the future holds for MOOCs:

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